Is Renting A Stairlift Better Than Buying A New One?

stair lift rental When planning to add a lift into your home, there are many factors you should consider. Aside from what it can help you with, you should also think if it’s a wise decision to obtain one. A stairlift is an example of this. Although it only occupies a small area of your homes stairs, you should think through your options if you’ll opt for stair lift rental or if you’ll buy one of your own.

The Advantages of Stair Lift Rental

Most people consider that renting stair lifts are better than purchasing one from one of the many stair lift suppliers. In many aspects this might be correct. One reason is because it can help you save money, particularly in the short term. With this choice you can simply make a monthly payment instead of dealing with a bigger outright purchase in one go. This is the perfect solution for those who have a tight budget but badly need the lift.

It is best if you are mobile enough to try one out first before committing to it. This cannot be done when purchasing stairlifts from a website where they don’t have their own showroom.  With a stair lift rental, if you are not sure if you will use it or get on with it, then you could rent to try one out.  Then if you like how the first one worked then you can purchase a new one outright.

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Renting will allow you to only have the machine for a certain period of time only. This is perfect if the machine is ought to be used temporarily. You don’t have to pay a big outlay for something that won’t be used for a long time, instead you can opt for stair lift rental to save money. This will also spare you from worrying about the stairlift once it won’t be used anymore.  If aren’t familiar with how a stairlift works and you want to try it, renting is the best option for you.

With renting, service charges won’t bother you either. This fee is often included in the monthly rental fee you pay, thus your budget will be safeguarded. This service fee includes the maintenance and any service checkups that may be required on the lift.  Minor adjustments can be made. Although new stairlifts can have the same service which are included free, this depends on the warranty of the product.  Eg if they have only the standard one year warranty and it has expired then they will have to pay extra for servicing and repairs.

Advantages Of Buying Stairlifts

Product price is still top of the list for many people when they are thinking about a stair lift.  When buying your own stairlift you will have to deal with the payment just the once. Some individuals prefer this rather than paying a monthly payment. If you don’t have a tight budget then this option is best for you. After paying for the lift, you just have to wait for a day or two until it will be installed in your home and after that you won’t have to worry about safety on the stairs.

You will also have a wider selection of designs to choose from, when buying outright, compared to stair lift rental. The market is filled with new and updated designs and styles of this product. Even if you opt for a reconditioned lift, you’ll still get offered newish designs that are equipped with some of the latest features. Whereas with renting, most products they offer can be somewhat outdated. If you’re after the assurance of safety and the capability of fully controlling the machine then it’s best to buy new stair lifts.

Compared to stair lift rental buying your own will also cause less hassle. Once your stairlift is installed you don’t have to think of any replacement again compared to when renting where you may need to replace it if you have unwanted issues with the product. There’s also an assurance that the product is working well compared to renting one.  Whether you choose stair lift rental or you contact us about a quote for a new one, always keep in mind the factors that you consider as most important for you.