Hardwood Staircases – Bringing Back Quality And Style


There have generally been those workmen that would create a lovely hardwood staircase. Lots of the most famous homes in the world were designed around these artistic staircases. The facility to turn straightforward wood into something simply impressive is an ability that started to die out for a short period of history. As machinery began to make it less complicated and cheaper to provide standard lumber, and carpeting became commoner, more homes started to be made with carpeted staircases, making the decorative hardwood staircase almost out of date. Even the higher end houses started to be made with these carpeted staircases and the requirement for the workers became less and less.

Cost started to win out over handiwork, and the savings was passed on to the house owner. However as home restoration and redesign has picked up as a hobby and a method to make a living, there's been a return to the love of hardwood flooring and staircases. Many a home designer has pulled back old worn out carpet to find beautiful wood floors. These findings have begun a trend to have the ornamental hardwood staircases restored instead of again being covered with carpet. If you've ever walked into a home with a handmade hardwood staircase you know the impact one can have. Whether it is a spiral staircase in the middle of the entranceway or a typical staircase along a wall, nothing says handiwork like hardwood.

The other benefit which will almost always outweigh the price is the durability of the wooden staircases. These staircases will last so long as the home, usually with some upkeep. As with most things the quality and durability will usually make the additional cost nominal.

The classy of a staircase made of hardwood also cannot be replaced. Nothing finishes off a pretty home like a gorgeous staircase. The feeling of the hardwood under bare feet is priceless. This means that not only is a hardwood staircase the ideal crowd pleasing addition to a home, but these staircases even improve the feel of the home. When building a home, calls must be made as to what materials should be used.

Choosing hardwood will continue to be the right choice, as it is durable and in the hands of someone with true understanding of wood working, can be turned into a fabulous hardwood staircase. Adding a hardwood staircase could be barely costlier than a carpeted staircase, but the value it adds to a home is virtually priceless. If redesigning an existing home, do not hesitate to consider an upgrade for the stairs, if new construction then there actually is no other choice than a well made decorative staircase. Adding hardwood is always a good idea, particularly when selecting a hardwood staircase.



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