Railings For Stairs


Step railings are available in a large spread of materials and styles. The materials you finally select will have an enormous effect on the ambiance of your house. Material selection also affects the final value of your stair project, without mentioning the safety your steps provide for guests and family members. Wood can be used for outside railings, for example decks and porches, but vinyl and composite railing is increasingly popular. Vinyl is less susceptible than wood to deterioration from exposure to insects and intense weather condition.

Among woods, pressure treated pine is also less susceptible to pests and rain, but fares poorly in areas where exposure to daylight is continuous, as it loses its pliancy. Composite materials are pricier, but pay for themselves long term by offering even larger sturdiness than vinyl, and less vulnerable to chipping and staining. Composite railings also have a rather more wood-like texture than vinyl. For metal step railings, aluminum, chrome steel, and wrought iron are popular selections. While wrought iron is the costliest, you can mix it with wood, vinyl or other less expensive materials by employing the latter materials for the railings to border iron balusters, which are sold in sets, starting from packs of ten to 2 hundred balusters.

Aluminium offers much of the look and longevity of wrought iron, using a baked enamel coating that makes it nearly weather resistant. For modern, industrial houses, stainless-steel is frequently used for wire stair railings connecting more widely spaced rectangular balusters. Glass and acrylic railing are further options, where balusters are also widely spaced, but have transparent or translucent panels inserted between them with metal brackets.

All the above options are also available for indoor railings. Wrought iron, and metal generally, is used somewhat less often for homes of average size, since it tends to look rather imposing. Wood railing, especially oak, is the most popular choice, since it blends nicely with hardwood stairs and landings, especially when stained instead of painted. More importantly, oak is a dense, solid material that looks extremely organic while offering great security.

The security of step railings is more critical the their looks.


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