History Of Stairlifts


The stairlift is one of the most handy pieces of equipment invented for folks experiencing problems going up stairs. It is one of those seemingly straightforward ideas that have modified the lives of many especially the elderly and the disabled. Many millions of people have benefited from this invention and plenty more will, as multiple corporations produce and create breakthroughs for stairlifts that will bring more functionality and convenience to those folks that need it the most. The history of stairlifts goes all of the way back to the middle ages, during the reign of King Henry VIII.

The monarch at that time had an injury from a jousting mishap, considerably enfeebling him. Except for his stout stature, his injury made it troublesome for him to climb the length of steps in his Whitehall palace in London. To relieve the monarch’s ailing problem, someone created a smart way of transporting the hurt, circular monarch up the stairs by creating chair attached to a system of pulleys that may haul King Henry VIII up and back down the staircase at his ease, of course with the help of slaves. This was the 1st recorded account of a Stairlift device used for the sake of a disabled person. After the temporary mention of a stairlift-like device utilized for King Henry VIII, no further record can be retrieved telling about the proliferation of this type of device in the succeeding years, as if the idea vanished instantaneously.

It wasn't until, in the 1930’s when the Stairlift again was seen. The modern look of stairlifts was invented by C.C. Crispin, an American self-taught engineer and an entrepreneur. He invented the idea when his friend became transfixed due to a significant illness. He created a motorized stairlift which made it eminently possible to move his friend from floor to floor. C. C. Crispin was such a success on his idea became the spark of a completely new industry.

From there on, stairlifts are making lives better for people who are experiencing trouble with steps. From the primitive block and tackle system of King Henry VIII, to the innovations done by C.C. Crispin in the 1930’s to the modern stairlifts of today which not only help folks climb steps inside, but also outdoors. The modern stairlift owes its existence to the creative concept that was caused by necessity, making the chestnut “necessity is the ma of all inventions” ring true.



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