I-lighting Offers Complete Stairlighting Solution For Enhancing Indoor & Outdoor Stair Safety & Meeting Draconian Code Laws


New Modern LED Fittings Significantly Increase Step Visibility. I-lighting(TM), the number 1 producer of intensely easy-to-install, trusty and cheap interior and exterior lighting applications, has boosted the effectiveness of its indoor and outdoor StairLighting System(R) with the introduction of a newly-designed LED display that illuminates every individual step. The newly-introduced fixture is intended to especially increase safety, reduce injuries caused by falls on poorly-lit stairways and help contractors, builders and householders nationwide to meet the newest codes mandating the illumination of interior and exterior stairways. This comprises the latest set of regulations issued by the International Code Council (ICC), which clearly details the necessity to light the treads and landings of interior stairways to “levels not less than 1 foot-candle (11 lux)” and install lighting in “the immediate area of the top landing of exterior stairs.” “Staircase falls harm loads of people each year,” asserts Scott Holland, I-lighting’s president and CEO. “Wrong upkeep, obstruction and poor lighting coupled with health worries are often the number one perpetrators of wounds, which can range all the way from fractures and sprains to death. Unfortunately, the aged and those with impaired vision are even more susceptible to these forms of incidents.

“As a result, we’ve boosted our Indoor and Out of doors StairLighting Kits to supply even bigger illumination for every stair. Many stair lights focus their beams from the center of the step to the outside ridge. Our new LED fixtures aren't only inexpensive and very easy-to-install, they target their rays so the majority of every step from front to back is washed in light.” According, to The National Safety Council virtually 12,000 deaths are attributed to stair falls in the United States with half these deaths happening in the home. As a consequence, stair accidents are second only to vehicle accidents as the major reason for unintended wounds in the U. S. . In addition, the Home Safety Council (HSC) reports that falls account for roughly one-third of all home injury deaths, while falls involving stairs or steps are the number 2 cause or fall-related deaths.

I-lighting’s new Modern LED Step Lights are available for use as either interior or exterior kits to increase the visibility and safety of steps located nearly anywhere in or around the home or office. This includes cellar and interior staircases, porches and decking that exist in poorly-lit spaces and pose potential tripping and falling perils. Each kit has everything necessary for installations including light fittings with unique LED spotlights, patented plug An into B wiring harness and all fastener accessories required for complete installations.

The Stairlighting Kit may also be purchased to support installations without or with access to the back of steps or for spiral, carpeted or wooden stair applications. Virtually maintenance-free, the system’s LED lights are easily attached by simply plugging together each fixture’s An into B connectors. Simpleness, cost-effectiveness and longevity are all keys to the system, which also may include a lifetime warranty on the LED bulbs.

Additionally, each LED light uses approximately 80 percent less energy than standard bulbs and is rated for 100,000 hours of operation or 12-plus years if used 24-hours-a-day / seven-days-a-week. As a consequence, the Stairlighting Kit can be operated at a price of only one or two pennies a month. Other specific benefits include a : – Photocell technology that senses background light and immediately turns lights on and off for both safety and security, while adding convenience and reliability – Lighting design that doesn't create heat and as a result is more safe for pets and kids, while tempting less insects – One year warranty on kit materials and an entire life warranty on all LED lights -Interior systems, which also provide options for battery backup emergency lighting during power screw ups “Over the past one or two years, we’ve used the Stairlighting Kit to illuminate the inside and exterior stairways of many local homes and businesses,” adds Ted Hall, owner of the Builders Fence & Deck Co. (buildersfenceco) in Sterling, Va. “And in each case, I've been simply astonished by the simpleness and quality of its design. There isn't any other product that matches the ease-of-use. Projects that used to take a full day to install with other systems, now only takes a few hours.

Plus, everybody is extremely happy with the results, including the building inspectors, who are now actively applying local lighting codes all though our area.” To get more information including the pricing for individual StairLight and DeckLighting Systems, please feel free to visit I-lightingonline or call 888-305-4232. About Our Company I-lighting(TM) was set up to provide easy-to-install, cost-effective and extremely trusty interior and exterior lighting solutions to property owners, contractors and builders. Since 2005, the Corporation has developed and sold thousands of custom-designed DeckLighting and StairLighting Systems to building and upkeep executives as well as house owners based all though the United States.



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