Step Railings : Terms You Must know


Imagine, you've just bought your first home. You like everything about it, except, naturally, the step railings. The step railings are truly ugly, and they need to get replaced.

You're also going to need some new hardwood stair treads to since you're planning to replace the whole staircase. Before doing that though, there are some terms you must know first. This info will help you choose what you need to buy to get the staircase for your house that's right for you. Wood Handrail – the rail you hold onto when you walk down the staircase. This comes in a large spread of styles, and even in a good variety of materials, but if you want the best thing for your staircase, you'll want to invest in wood. These are available in everything from Oak to Cherry wood, but how much you spend will rely on you. Wood Step Balusters – These are the particular inner vertical poles on the staircase.

They are also doubtless the most ornamental part of the staircase. These also come in a good range of woods including Oak and hard Maple. They're also sometimes used on indoor staircases. However, because they're pretty robust, they can be employed on outside staircases if required. Iron Balusters – These are like the wood stair balusters, but they are made of iron.

You will find a large spread of ornamental styles, and these may also be used outdoors for all your fences. You may also paint them in a wide variety of colours giving you the power to change your outdoor dcor when necessary and get the colors you would like. Turned Newel Posts – Like the wood stair balusters, these are also meant to be utilised for indoor staircases although they may also be used outside. They're also larger, which makes them more sturdy due to their size. They come in a wide variety of hard woods including red oak, poplar, and other hard maples. Box Newel Posts – There are two types of box newel posts : flat-panel box posts, and raised panel box posts. Before you select one, ensure you do your homework here so you get the one which is good for you. The raised panel box can be routed out to cause it to appear like it has got a raised panel or it can really have a stile and rail construction.

This makes it sturdier, and the construction is of a superior quality. Handrail Fittings – There are 3 types of fitting : Up Easing, Over Easing, and ninety degree level quarter turn. Often only the first two are available because these are the only 2 you will need. So as to get these you have got to have them manufactured, and it sometimes takes about two weeks. Stair Treads and Risers – These are used to help you match your steps to your wooden floors. They also are available in the same materials as all of the other parts of your steps, so it makes it very easy to match all your parts together. If you want to redo the stairs in your home, or put in new steps, you have to know what you are buying.

You'll be able to find out what you have to know by shopping on the net. You'll find resources that may help you properly design your steps and get the correct components, as well as the designs you like. Follow this guide to help choose the right parts for your stair railings and build an attractive staircase for your home.



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