The Proper Way To Keep Safe And Prevent Accidents On Your Stairs


Have you ever slipped and fallen when walking down or up the steps? Did you find a way to catch yourself on the handrail before doing too much damage, or did you roll and tumble all of the way to the bottom? Ask for help : If you're concerned about being able to navigate the steps safely on your own (perhaps you are old and do not have the reflexes you used to or maybe you are quite young and can't reach the rail) you need to ask somebody to help you. Have this person grip your hand or your arm and help to steer you as you navigate each step. Install a lift : If you or a family member is tormented by an incapacity that makes walking troublesome or are quite old, you could find that the installation of a stair lift is the safest option. Simply buckle yourself into the seat, press a button and sit tight as the lift takes you from the ground floor to the first and vice versa. Install step nosing : One of the common causes of accidents is slipping on the edge of the step as it has worn smooth or is made out of a smooth material. Install carpet : Believe it or disbelieve it, carpet can really be very efficacious in stopping folk from slipping when walking up or down the steps. Buttress handrails : Often, the handrail is simply used as a ornamental feature of the stairs.

They do nevertheless, serve a vital safety purpose in that they give users something to hang onto as they traverse up and down. Add a handrail both sides of the stairs (so that there is one for each hand) and guarantee that they are strong enough to support big weights. As you may be able to see, there are a number of ways that you can ensure that the users of your stairs are kept safe and shielded from accidents. Be happy to use as many or the least of the above tips in your own place or workplace, just be absolutely certain that folk of every age group and mobility are able to use your steps without fear of slipping and tripping.


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