What In The World Is A Stairlift?


Many have heard about the word stair lift, but what precisely is it ?? Well, a stair lift is a mobility device that is used for handicapped and elderly people. What it does is lift people up and back down steps from floor to floor. It also can lift wheelchairs, thus the word wheelchair lift.

If your home has really wide steps a rail from the lift is mounted to the actual threads of the steps. And then a platform for carrying the person or wheelchair is attached to the rail. When the platform or chair moves along this rail, the person subsequently is lifted.

This contraption goes by many names which include stair-lifts, chair lifts, wheelchair lifts and step gliders. Who invented this wonderful device? Well, it all occurred back in the early 20s. The inventor was named C.C. Crispen who was a self taught engineer and entrepreneur from Pennsylvania. He had a sickly chum, and he needed to provide a way for this friend to go from floor to floor in his home. He came up with an idea to design a seat that would climb steps in the home.

His first inclining chair was called the Inclin-ator. Of course it has developed over the years, but it is fantastic to find out how some of the great inventions came about from desiring to discover a solution to a serious problem. Step lifts have really been a Windfall to many folks. It assures them of a rather more independent and enriched life.

And can truly make somebody feel comfortable.


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