What Security Features Must Be Given Consideration For Purchasing Stairs And Balcony Railings


Whenever a family with little kids gets a home with stairs and balcony railings, then the new householders should check out the safety features of those railings. A top of the steps railing is sometimes coupled with wood handrails, handrails that are designed to support somebody on the steps. Typically, a wooden railing has at least one main, wooden post and a wooden “top” on that post. That wooden “top” could well have pointed corners. The parents of little kids might ask, “How safe are those corners?” The corners of that post might be the same distance above the floor as the head of a tiny kid. In this kind of situation, the mom and dad of young children might want to take precautions against a collision between the pointed wooden corner of a railing and a child’s head.

Yet the probable danger posed by any sharpened wooden corners does not vanish when all of the members of a family become teens or teens. That fact was made clear to one mother, more than forty five years ago. A two story home in a Philadelphia suburb had wooden balcony railings and a wood handrail. The wood railing at the top of the stairs had one prominent post. During the move in period for that “new on the block” family, the father of the younger girls ‘ mother related concerns about the pointed corners at the top of that one prominent post. Now no young kid was hurt by one of those sharpened corners.

Nevertheless after one young girl became a teenager, she scraped her chest on the pointed part of the stair railing.


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